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Sunday Times plots the course for SEO
A client metioned an article published in The Sunday Times last week which she thought might be of interest to us.
Entitled: Searching to get to the top of Google, it explains the importance that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays in increasing and maintaining a site's visibility on the Web. I recommend it as a very quick read, when you have a moment.
You will probably appreciate the persuasive tone of the correspondent as a better alternative to the regular requests that you receive from us to increase your investment in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or even to consider using it in the first place. 
We stand ready and waiting to receive your call or email if you'd like to review where your site stands in the SEO stakes!
Email communication are you breaking the Law?
Is your company breaking the law? ... according to our accountant Blythe & Co it will be unless the following appear legibly on your website and emails from your company:
  • The Company's name
  • The Company Registration Number and place of Registration i.e. England and Wales or Scotland
  • The address of its Registered Office
  • In the case of an investment company, the fact that it is such a company.
This has been a requirement since the implementation of the relevant sections of the Companies Act 2006 in January 2007, bringing your electronic communication in line with the paper requirements.
There are notes, "Frequently Asked Questions on the Companies Act 2006", relating to this change on the DTI's website. See sections 1 and 2 ... and if you do not comply? You could be subject to a fine of around £1000!
Click here for us to: update your website
The cost? - about half an hour of our time.
Update your email signatures at the same time
Most company users now send and receive email in HTML format. This allows us to be more creative in the style and layout of email signatures. You will have to update your email signature to fall in line with the new legisalation. This provides a great opportunity to add your own unique branding to all of your email-based communication. Logical Events can:
  • design your new signature and apply it to any number of people within your organisation.
  • provide step-by-step instructions as to how to append it automatically to all of your electronic communications.
  • develop a range of signatures and/or email wallpapers to personalise individual mailings.
Click here to for more on: "stylish email signatures"
Email rejection? It's not you - it's the system
Internet Service Providers (ISPs), ranging from serious business heavy weights (such as BT) to the largest consumer carriers (such as AOL) are clamping down on emails sent in volume. Supposedly this is in an effort to reduce levels of SPAM (unwanted/unsolicited email). In reality the policy means that emails copied to more than around 20 recipients will not be routed by your ISP. What's annoying about this is that the first 20 or so emails in the list will be sent but the remainder will not. Users therefore have no idea whether perfectly legitimate emails copied to a group of clients have been sent. The problem can be further compounded if your ISP (such as Virgin Media) also has a policy limiting the number of emails it will route from you per hour. Such problems are now very common.
Email when combined with your website provides a focussed, cost effective and easy way of communicating with groups of clients. Recent ISP policies have highlighted the requirement to adopt best practice when doing so. Logical Events provides an authenticated email service (via our own SMTP server) which enables us to email to lists ranging from 20 individuals to over 14,000. This secure technology underpins our full range of email marketing services including:
  • electronic mail marketing campaign design and planning
  • mailing piece artwork design and development
  • mailing list management including acquisition
  • email distribution
Click here to view the full range of "E-marketing Services" we provide.
Optimistion - what is it?
For optimisation read visibility. An optimised site is a site ranked highly on the major search engines such as Google and MSNSearch. Where and how your site is listed is a key component as to how your company, its products and services are viewed by customers or clients.
Logical Events has over 10 years experience in optimising web sites. We specialise in delivering high ranking via free listings and have extensive experience in exploiting online advertising, such as Google Adwords, to maximise a web site's online exposure.
Call or email us to discuss an Optimisation Plan for your web site.
Bogus domain renewals
We are aware that a number of companies trading as various domain registration providers are targeting domain name owners for 'renewal' payments with often alarming 'Domain Expiration Notices'.
Their general practice is to issue a renewal notice for a domain name through the post 2 to 5 months before the domain expires. As this can sometimes be before you receive a reminder from us or your actual domain registry, you may accidentally pay it and this will not guarantee the renewal of your domain.
Please regard these misleading letters with extreme caution. If you are in any doubt, call us as we can instantly verify when your domain name expires and confirm whether we manage it for you.
In Case of an Emergency - ICE
An interesting news item that came our way ...
Eight out of ten people aren’t carrying information that would help if they were involved in an accident. Storing next-of-kin details in your mobile phone can assist the emergency services if you’re unable to tell them who to contact.
Simply use your mobile’s phone book to store the name and number of someone who should be contacted if you have an emergency but add the letters ICE in front of their name.
ICE stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’: it’s what the emergency services will look for if you’re involved in an accident and have your mobile phone with you. This straightforward idea was developed by the East Anglian Ambulance Trust and is supported by Vodafone.
Further information is available on the web via this link.
Exploiting Pay Per Click Advertising
Pay Per Click advertising is a marketing revolution. Never before have we had the opportunity to reach people who are right now looking for the specific product or service you offer. In addition:
  • you only pay when someone takes action
• the success of your advertising is measurable
• you can target your advertising geographically
• you can fix your advertising budget
• you can turn your advertising on and off at any time
Consider this:
  • 85% of web users discover websites through search engines*
  • more than half of these have clicked on paid search results*
  • 70% of all online transactions originate from search*
  • almost 8 out of 10 web users say they begin shopping online at a search
  engine* (*figures courtesy of Neilsen/Netratings, Forrester/IAB)
Logical Events are experts in Search Engine Marketing. We can provide you with a proven step-by-step approach to exploit Pay Per Click advertising. Email me now to discuss how Pay Per Click Advertising can help your business.
Don't know your Search Engine Marketing from your Website Optimisation?
We have put together a web page which explains:
  • the increasing dominance of search engine marketing online
  • the difference between natural (free) and paid for search strategies
  • how we work with companies to deliver successful Pay Per Click advertising
Referral - our preferred route
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