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No. 1 placement on search engines for our clients
The paid search sector has continued its phenomenal annual growth. The Internet Advertising Bureau has reported that paid-for search continues to lead the way online as marketers look for guaranteed accountability, measurability and fast results. Those companies nimble enough to manage the inter-relationship between their own activity and that of their competitors will achieve the successful exploitation of the constantly evolving electronic landscape. Logical Events provides you with that expertise.
How customers find you
  85% of web users discover websites through Search Engines*
  more than half of these have clicked on paid search results*
  70% of all online transactions originate from search*  
  almost 8 out of 10 web users say they begin shopping online at a search engine*  
(*figures courtesy of Neilsen/Netratings, Forrester/IAB)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – What is it?
Put simply search engine marketing is the use of internet search engines, principally: Google, Microsoft Bing (formerly Live) and Yahoo to promote your company, its products and services. Search engine listings are of two types natural (free) and paid for (sponsored). Search Engine Marketing (SEM) exploits a variety of techniques and technologies to maximise a company’s exposure on the major search engines both in the free and paid for listings.
Natural Search


Building and maintaining a successful natural search campaign is an ongoing process that requires constant development and attention. Logical Events bases its natural search campaigns on detailed website optimisation plans which are individually tailored for each of our clients. We provide a flexible strategy that is able to adapt at all times to the fast changing search environment.
Paid Search • Sponsored Listing • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
In the last couple of years, search engines have started to offer an "auction" service in which website owners bid for top positions on certain keywords. The highest bidder for a chosen term ranks highest in the search engine results for this term, the next highest appears second etc. The price of the bid is charged to the website owner whenever a user clicks on their entry. This is known as paid search, sponsored listing, or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.
The most well-known search engines offering PPC advertising are: Google, Microsoft Live and Yahoo. Good listings in these engines are vital to running successful search engine marketing campaigns.
PPC advertising is a direct response tool that promises fantastic return on investment (ROI). It currently accounts for around 59% of online advertising spend – and is continuing to grow. However, much of the advertising money spent is inefficiently used due to hastily planned or ill-conceived campaigns and lack of consistent professional level campaign management.
This coupled with increased competition demands that companies need a strategy that will maximise the potential of their PPC budget.
Pay Per Click advertising is a marketing revolution as:
  it provides immediate contact with people who are looking for the product or service you offer
  you only pay when someone takes action (hence Pay Per Click)  
  campaigns are all measurable and fast to implement  
  it allows selection of geographic coverage of advertising campaigns  
The advanced PPC strategies Logical Events implements ensure that our clients and their services feature at the top of internet search pages. Through the use of our search engine marketing expertise we maximise the return on every pound spent (ROI).
Why do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
Your customers interact with your brand through many different online channels. Creating an online synergy through search enables you to capture every opportunity. Top visibility in Google, Microsoft Live and Yahoo! for relevant search terms, means increased visits to your website that you can convert into valuable customers or clients.
With over 20 billion web pages vying for attention, getting top ranking in search engines is becoming an increasingly complex and competitive task. Website and search engine optimisation improves rankings dramatically.
Logical Event’s natural (free) and paid search services provide the most cost-effective online marketing tools available today. Our SEM expertise is based on a unique collaboration of software-based and human intervention.
The basic premise of search engine optimisation is that humans behave in a linear, truly predictive fashion. This is not the case. We believe that search engine optimisation is best executed by the intelligent deployment of specialist software coupled with human analysis.
The Logical Events SEM strategy
Logical Events provides clients with a proven step-by-step approach to Search Engine Marketing. Our understanding of both the online marketplace and equally important business process is second to none.
In-depth understanding of a client’s competitive landscape transforms search marketing performance. By focusing on business fundamentals we provide genuine long term benefit rather than short term tactical initiatives.
Website and Search Engine Optimisation (natural search)
Website audit and usage assessment
Optimisation of all driver keywords – ensuring search engines and customers can access your site
Search term research – embracing the search terms your customers use
Competitor analysis – assessing keyword drivers used by your competitors
Website content optimisation – defining and creating the range, depth and topicality of content needed to leverage your customers search behaviour
Website metadata and metatag research – defining the metadata required to optimise your site
Web analytics and optimisation
Link equity – building online communities to drive relevant links to your site
Paid Search (Pay Per Click Advertising)
Account review establishes PPC objectives
Campaign management and reporting – to maximise visibility and conserve costs
Detailed keyword planning – creation of bespoke keyword list, researched giving the most relevant key terms for your products and services at the best possible price per click
Copywriting and testing multiple advertisements
Budget planning and sales analysis
• Design and implementation of tailored campaigns including active bid management to increase customer conversion and advertisement prominence within approved budget
Tracking customer traffic post click to gain customer insights to apply back into the campaign to gain greater ROI
Bespoke account analysis provides monthly review of PPC strategy and how to enhance campaign performance – report includes keyword performance, page impressions, click-through rate, cost per click, spend
Consultancy services
  Training and corporate mentoring
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - a case study
Our client is a leading property investment company representing luxury resorts and property developments worldwide. Gaining page one visibility on Google in this highly competitive sector was proving difficult for the company.
Working within the context of the client’s business goals Logical Events identified the individual keywords of significant importance to ensure that our client captured the majority of UK users seeking overseas property investment opportunities
Principally this involved ensuring that all content needed to be:
accessible to search engines’ automated indexing software (spiders)
highly relevant
credible in terms of link popularity

Logical Events conducted a series of technical adjustments to allow spiders to index the pages of the site, made mark-up and context related changes across the entire site to improve relevancy to the keywords and ran a substantive link development campaign.

We devised, implemented and run an on-going Pay Per Click advertising campaign on Google which features between 30 and 40 advertisements being triggered by several thousand keywords.
It works. Website traffic has doubled within six months and is growing by an average of 10-20% month on month. Sales leads have increased significantly as a result.
The sectors we work in
Specialist in the field of Pay Per Click advertising and paid search we define and operate successful electronic marketing programmes in a range of market sectors, both business to business (B-to-B) and business to consumer (B-to-C), including:
Property Investment • Property Development • Leisure
Travel • Hotels • Restaurants • Media Production
Retail • E-commerce • Consumer Marketing
Catering • Retail • Pharmaceuticals
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